Happy Thanksgiving to all, Christmas is right around the corner and a new year follows. Relax, meditate and pray (or self- talk; as I have learned:) positive, peaceful and productive affirmations (and so shall it be!).


Encouraging the Truth Organization

Is raising Awareness of the Truth. 



There are many different cultures of people of different nations even though cultures differ the common denominator is that people are people. Some people are  wise or foolish & male or female & young or old, but all are people. Religions are different & promote subgrouping. However, the common denominator of religions  is based on the philosophy of lives & Life. Of which, is the Golden Rule.  The Garden of Eden and International Peace for all the people shall be in effect when the people know & practice good Golden Rule principles. In fact, we do not consider Patriotism desirable if it contradicts civilized behavior. There is only one constant in Life and that is change. The people who do not change, become civilized and evolve, seem to disappear. The purpose of change is for evolution, and everyone must plant the seeds for the Garden of Eden & International Peace. However, and before that "what a person tells him or her self manifests into reality".

"Awareness is the key to one's mind's eye", and such enables a person with the knowledge to understand why he or she has the present lifestyle. In additition, awareness of this information also equips an individual with the tools to create the quality of lifestyle of his or her own future presents or presences. When I say that I'm encouraging the truth - I mean that I'm raising awareness of the Golden rule. "The Golden rule- Rules life"(Rocky Christopherson 2007). That's right, whatever is planted in the mind, or relationships, or the ground reproduces after its kind and manifests into reality. Whether it is referred to as "Cause and effect or Karma or Reaping what has been sowed" it is the Golden rule principles like plant vegetable seeds and vegetables come around or plant flower seeds and flowers come around or plant good seeds and good comes around or plant bad and that person will be sad. As a result, I am ultimately inspiring International harmony. Of which, improves live's for Life.

It has been determined that people have life's within Life "ye are gods and children of ,, God".  [You see, every soul returns (however one interprits from his or her education) to the "Universal-Mind, Universal-Consciousness, or God" when the body or vehicle is exhusted for whatever reason].  In addition, people make his or her own bed and diggs his or her own grave (As a matter of speaking). Furthermore and according to my education, people are vehicles which learn & refine talent & traits.  Such not only evolves the individual's life but ultimately evolves the Universal Mind, the Universal-Consciousness, or God.

"Would you like to change or control much of your life and lifestyle towards your desired result?" If so, you can.  It has cost me many years of struggles, 8 of my 9 lives Undecided and a couple colleges to learn how similar people are to computers. You see, computers follow a list of commands referred to as a program, and peoples lives' follow the results of choices & decisions based on his or her influences.  Knowing that people do what he or she thinks about and that people think-about what he or she knows and that people learn from his or her own influences should inspire anyone to want to regulate his or her influences (this is why some choose to further his or her education). However, a person who disciplines him or herself to regulate his or her own influences shall ultimatly regulate his or her life and lifestyle within Life. Let's not forget that people are gods and children of the most high God.

 I also believe, that many people are born into slavery. Too many people are slaves to his or her own body; and, too many people are slaves to other bodies.  Furthermore,  we all start-out with "unique personalities", passions, and strengths. As we grow up (and out Undecided), our potential is often diminished by fear, shame, anger, unworthiness, perfectionism, and other self-defeating patterns. These patterns shape our feelings about ourselves and the roles we play to keep us feeling safe. Imagine if you could step out from behind your “mask”, reclaim your magnificence, and ignite your potential in every part of your life?

Investing kind regards to all, I am what I am by what I say & do. Furthermore, all donations and if I should win a PCH sweepstakes or a "Noble Peace prize for inspiring harmony through-out this world" after taxes, I use most of the money to advertise that 'the Golden Rule- rules Life'. I  desire to advertise this on billboards along the major highways and byways allover the world. In addition, I would also like to advertise with Wal Mart stores because I think this is what they have done for us. "We save people money so they can live better, (Wal Mart Corporate)".

In conclusion,  Encouraging the Truth Organization or Rocky Christopherson's primary suggestions are to learn and employ your Constitutional Rights, the Indigenous Culture Beliefs, Good Golden Rule Principles, Psychology's: "Why people do what he or she do", and Good Accounting.

You can help with advertising expenses by proceeding to "Paypal" and paying forward, your assistance, to encouragingthetruth@gmail.com. Thank-you for your  communications & assistance in planting seeds for the Garden of Eden & International Peace. Now, let's look forward to the harvest.

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