Greetings brothers and sisters of the human race;

         The New Year is beginning, and  it is a result of his or her own, previous knowingly or unwitted choices. However, tomorrow can be a positive or negative one because your in control of tomorrow - today.  A good suggestion for moving forward is to relax, meditate and pray  positive, peaceful and productive affirmations,  (and as detirmined by Psychologist's, so shall it be!).



Encouraging the Truth Organization

Is raising Awareness of the Truth. 

 Awareness of the truth is the key to controlling thyself's life. Of which, enables a thyself with the insight to understand why a person has the lifestyle which he or she is presently experiencing. With such insight one understands how to create and control his or her own life.
There are many different cultures of  people of different nations. Even though cultures differ the common denominator is that people are people. Some people are wise or foolish and male or female and young or old but all are people. Religions are different and promote hostility and subgrouping.  However, the common denominator of this world's three- hemisphere's major religions is based-off the Philosophy of Life.  The Philosophy of life is the Golden Rule.  

 The purpose of change is for evolution. Those who want International Peace and eventually the Garden of Eden inspire the planting of the seeds for International harmony. In fact, a person doesn't need a psychotherapist to help thyself to become a better person and achieve the goals which he or she wants. Insights; If it works it must be NLP or Infinite Minds . "There is only one constant in Life and that is change. The people who donot change, become civilized and evolve, seem to disappear.  Furthermore, most of the uncivilized and/or closed minded people are dead or in prison. (Noticing the populations of the prisons, it has been concluded that society would benefit from there being a positive, peaceful and productive Hitler in prison because influences are the bases for why a person does what he or she does).  It has also been determined that if a person will change thy thinking thy'll ultimately change his or her own life. Insight; what a person tells him or her self manifests into reality. Furthermore we the people must remain agressive towards those who endanger peoples lives' liberty and his or her pursuit of happiness. Understanding that Nuckular bombs eats away at the ozone layer, and that no one or body of this world has the right to do so for the rest.  So, we must be proactive.

It has been determined that people have life's within Life "ye are gods and children of  the most high God (Bible)".  [I believe that every soul returns (however one interprits from his or her education) to Life, the Universal-Mind, Universal-Consciousness, or God when the body (or vehicle) is exhusted for whatever reason. Not as reincarnation, but as reusable intelligent energy].  In addition, people make his or her own bed and diggs his or her own grave (As a matter of speaking).  I als0 believe that people are vehicles which learn & refine talent & traits.  Furthermore, such not only evolves the individual's life but ultimately evolves  Life or the Universal- Mind or the Universal-Consciousness or God; depending on many differ beliefs.

Remembering that Psychologists have determined that habits control peopleand three practices (like meditating or praying three times a day) starts a habit.  Good habits come from good practices, and bad results come from poor choices.  So, like my friend Jesse Jones does, practice Integrity without enabling any Dysfunctional behaviors.  Furthermore, International Peace for all and eventually the Garden of Eden shall manifest as the people understand and practice good Golden Rule habits.  So, collectively we can inspire this needed change in society towards a Positive, Peaceful and Productive future. Ultimately the Garden of Eden. 

My education taught me that people are similar to computers. If someone would ask me I'd say that computers follow a list of commands referred to as a program (or software), and peoples lives' follow the results of  his or her own influences.  So, input is essential to the output. This inspires many to regulate his or her influences by furthering his or her education). However, a person who disciplines him or herself to regulate his or her own influences shall ultimatly regulate his or her life.  Let's not forget that people are gods and children of the most high God.


 I also believe, that many people are born into slavery. Too many people are slaves to his or her own body; and, too many people are slaves to other bodies.  We all start-out with unique personalities, passions, and strengths. As we grow up (and out Undecided), our potential is often diminished by fear, shame, anger, unworthiness, perfectionism, and other self-defeating patterns.  These patterns shape our feelings about ourselves and the roles we play to keep us feeling safe. Imagine if you could step out from behind your “mask”, reclaim your magnificence, and ignite your potential in every part of your life? (When I grow - up, I'll leave a legacy of inspiring the sustainable happiness of International Peace.


Investing kind regards to all, I am what I am by what I say and do; aren;t we all.  Furthermore, after taxes, I do and shall use most of the funds from my income and donations [if I should win a sweepstakes or the Texas Lottery or a Noble Peace prize for inspiring harmony through-out this world then after taxes, I'll replace my minivan (which was stolen on Nov 29, 2014) with an economy SUV, and purchase a slightly used class A motor home (which can replace the home which I lost, soon after, as a result of loosing my minivan) then] to advertise that the Golden Rule - Rules Life, everywhere! ... By the way, thank y'all for nominating ( to the Nobel Peace Prize academy  for inspiring International Peace. I  desire to advertise that The Golden Rule - Rules Life on billboards along the major highways and byways all-over the world.  In addition, I would also like to advertise with Wal Mart stores because I think this is what they have done for us. "We save people money so they can live better, Wal Mart Corporate".  With your help we can make a good difference for the future of mankind. What a great honor, and Thank-y'all for all that you did and do.  Furthermore, and after I've matured; I'd like to be available, through The Red Cross, to aid people who suffer from the storms of Life. Thanks again for helping me help others.

Thank-you for your emails of  communications and suggestions. Furthermore, the future (Life) is greatful for your assistance in the advertising expenses. For those who have yet been able to help with advertising expenses then you may do so by proceeding to "Paypal" and paying forward, your financial assistance, (using any major credit card) to  I'd also like to encourage you to plant seeds by actions to others (without enabling any dysfunctional behaviors) for International Peace (and eventually the Garden of Eden.  

In conclusion,  Encouraging the Truth Organization or Rocky Christopherson's primary suggestions are to consider the art of  Zen.   Learn and employ your Constitutional Rights, the Indigenous Culture Beliefs, good Golden Rule Principles, Psychology's: "Why people do what he or she do", and Good Accounting.