Encouraging the Truth Organization
Is raising Awareness of the Truth. 

Awareness is the key to one’s mind’s eye, and such enables a person with the tools to create one’s future conditions and quality of life or lifestyle within Life. . Again, I encourage the Truth. . My (Rocky Christopherson's) definition of the Truth (that sets people free from other’s limited and self-serving beliefs) is that Life, a person’s life and relationships are governed by the western hemisphere’s philosophy of the Golden Rule.  Principles like: Plant vegetable seeds and vegetables come around; plant flower seeds and flowers come around; plant good seeds and good comes around; plant bad and you'll be sad. 

Investing kind regards to all, I am what I am by what I say and do, and I would also like to inspire international harmony. 

Would you like to change your life and lifestyle to your desired results? If so, you can. It has cost me 50+ years, 8 of my 9 lives', and too-much college to learn the information that can evolve a person's life or lifestyle, and ultimately Life to the final frontier. This information equips people with the control of his or her own life and lifestyle within Life. Remember that people are gods and children of God, people have life's within Life and all go back to the Universal Mind - Consciousness -Life (God) when his or her (body) or vehicle is exhusted, and people's soul's (which have learned & refined talents & traits) evolves Life, God, (or if you can see the Universal Mind Of The Universal Consciousness). We are all pieces of the pie which we live our live's within. With age, most can observe how the beginning of our live's were primative. As is each country leader(s) created their religion (I status because the christian religion states that our government is the only entity which is second to God. The three major religions either call the Golden Rule principles: "Cause and effect, Karma or Reaping and sowing". People choose to follow this way or that way because of his or her primative influences. It is not the way but your choices that can improve or enslave your life. I improve my life as I have enslaved my lifeto inspire international harmony. Let's get ready for the One World Order. Furthermore, wise people can ponder the thought that the definition for the Universal Mind or the Universal Consciousness or Life or God have the same meaning.

The best that any person can be is independent. This person knows, employs and defends him or herself with the Constitutional-Rights. This person shall also know and employ Indigoes Culture beliefs, Psychology, Accounting, and good Golden Rule principles.  

I propose a non-prodigious religion or belief called, "The Universal Religion of Life". This religion is defined by the western hemisphere’s philosophy of the Golden Rule.  If you do not agree, I do not Terroristic ally threaten you with harm. This religion is simple, and profound. This religion defines a person's ability to manipulate his or her own life within Life. This religion promotes harmony, and it is also designed to bring more people together and make everyone's life, within Life, worth living; for each and for all. This is also the seed for the Garden of Eden. My definition of the "Truth" is that life, a person's life and relationships are like mirrors; sooner or later a person receives what he or she has invested into such (this is why some people go to college). The opposite is also true, and that is that a person shall sooner or later loose what he or she has embezzled from such.  This universal religion of Life does not matter one's gender, nationality, or age. The belief of "this" religion fits all, and it promotes respect for Life and other people’s lives, and relationships.

I'm raising awareness of the Truth. The Truth is that Life and an individual's life are governed by the Golden Rule. This is the principal which everyone wants,  but few want to do what he or she want. You see, immediate gratification isn't as good as being patient. In fact, many times, it hurts to be patient, but it's much better than being someone else's patient. 

I believe that the total truth about life's today is that people are born into slavery. Too many people are slaves to his or her own body. And, too many people are slaves to other bodies. Furthermore, far too many people are slaves of the matrixes of life.  We all start-out with unique personalities, passions, and strengths. As we grow up (and out), our potential is often diminished by fear, shame, anger, unworthiness, perfectionism, and other self-defeating patterns. These patterns shape our feelings about ourselves and the roles we play to keep us feeling safe. Imagine if you could step out from behind your “mask”, reclaim your magnificence, and ignite your potential in every part of your life?

In conclusion, I think our first objective should be to evaluate which changes our society is willing to make. People should know that Life and relationships are like mirrors; sooner or later a person gets what he or she puts into such. Encouraging the Truth Organization or Rocky Christopherson's first suggestion is, to learn and employ your Constitutional Rights, Indigenous Culture Beliefs, Good Golden Rule Principles, Psychology's Why people do what he or she do, and Good Accounting.