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White Rhino coffee house located at 230 W. Belt Line Rd.  Cedar Hill, Tx. 75104 partnered with us.  Click-on their picture for White Rhino's web-site.


Mr. Chris Parvin (Cedar Hill's City Council Place 4) partnered with us.  Not because of us, but because he wants better for others.  Click-on his picture for one of his websites'.


Click-on picture for Los Lupes Mexican Restaurant website. Of which, is located at 213 N. Hwy 67; Cedar Hill, Tx. 75104 partnered with us. Not because of us, but because they too want better for everyone.


Sergeant Ben Cole partnered with us, not because of us, but because of the ways of this world.  With his life on the line, he served in Iraq against the evil there, to protect our future. Click-on his picture for his Facebook page. 


This is me, Rocky C. and I'm proud of the person which I've become. I've been the toughest person for me to bout, fight or control, and I apologise to everyone who may or may not have a reason to dislike my ignorant behavior (youth) because I understand the Law and Philosophy of Life (AKA: The Golden Rule). In fact, I'm oh-so tired of fighting that I love everyone else, except who I use to be. 

                   If you'd like and you're able to Endorse Encouraging the Truth organization's: Expedite Evolving Lives for Life message (and/or) share with your circles of associates THEN you (as the JPS Hospital and the Salvation Army is) can help me to be the Inspirational and Encouraging example that can Inspire some of the less-than-fortunate Street People and encourage some of the Frustrated People to act like a Rocky. Yes, and as a well example, my life is improving as I endeavor to help others, and all our lives shall excel as we promote this message. I'm not alone because EVERYONE is rewarded for doing well for Life, God, the Universal Consciousness (or Mind).

                     Now, if we're on the same-page (psychologically speaking) and care to spread the awareness of the Law and Philosophy of Life (AKA: The Golden--Rule) then you can Click below to print-out the 1 or 2 or 14-page copies of the differ encouragement's Of which, can influence a better lifestyle for each and all.  Share the copies with others (Family, Employees, Friends, and Colleagues) as investments to Life, God, the Universal Consciousness (or Mind), your company  (or business) and yourself.

Below are letters written about a partner of this organization, who has been able
to help someone who appreciate's someone who knows, understands and practices the Truth:

Oct. 15, 2009 

Hello, my name is Tracy McDonald;

and I'm writing this letter to thank a partner of Encouraging the Truth Organization.    

          My mother passed away about 2-yrs ago, and my 17-yr old son and I have been caring for her yard.  Our work and activities keep us tired and stressed-out, and caring for my mom's yard is an overload.     I met a partner of Encouraging the Truth Organization, and he listened to my troubles.  He offered to help relieve me of my overload of stress, by mowing both my mom's yard & my yard.     He is truly a blessing to me.  When he mowed, he took his time to make sure that he did a good job.  I thank God for blessing me to cross paths with a partner of Encouraging the Truth Organization.

Tracy McDonald

Oct. 7, 2009 

To whom it may concern,

     I live in Cedar Hill, Texas and I did not have money to pay for my lawn service.  As I am recovering from two major surgeries.  Words can not express the gratitude I have for one of your members.     I did not have the money, and he took care of my lawn at no charge.  May God continue to bless him, and your organization

Ms Margaret

Aug. 24,2009

        I am extremely appreciative of what a partner of Encouraging the Truth Organization has done for me.  He has mowed my yard several times without asking for anything in return.          I believe his "Pay It Forward" attitude will help make this community a better place to live.  I thank him a million times-over-for what he has done for me, and I definitely plan to "Pay It Forward" to others


To Whom It May Concern:

        I am a resident of Cedar Hill, Texas.  I was not able to hire someone to mow and trim my yard on a regular basis, and a partner of Encouraging the Truth Organization stopped by and mowed and trimmed my yard.     I was not able to pay him right away, and he graciously waived my payment; just did the work out of the kindness of his heart because he knew it needed to be done.  He said that he did it to honor God and told me of the "Encouraging the Truth Organization".     He has a kind heart and spirit, and comes to check to see if I need yard work done on a regular basis.  I pay him when I can but he performs the job whether I can pay or not.  He is a credit to this organization.

  L. Burke

April 15, 2009


       I am Catherine Key, and I live in Cedar Hill Texas.   I am confined to a wheelchair, and limited on funds.  I am not able to hire someone to mow my yards or trim the trees and bushes around my house.     A partner of Encouraging the Truth Organization mowed my yards, and trimmed my trees and bushes.   I did not hire him, nor did he charge me.  He said that he did it to honor God with Encouraging the Truth Organization.     Since then and when I can afford to, I donate to Encouraging the Truth Organization.   I hope that others partner with this organization to bless others as they have blessed me.
Catherine Key

We thank you for helping inspire,

and encourage people to learn the Truth.  

Together we can influence more, and with your help

we hope to inspire and encourage our friends,  our neighbors, 

our communities,  our states,  our countries,  and eventually the world.


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