Rocky C's Story

                     I encourage and inspire wellness & prosperity to and for all.
My early childhood & the pain of both my hip joints was a factor for my alcohol-abuse and later-on my drug uses. However, I've been sober ever since my J.P.S. Hip joint replacemets in 2017. I have learned what Doctors have learned about alcohol, that Alcohol is a Poison! If you might wonder, just google it. Furthermore, I am of the few who are free from drugs, out of jail and still alive.
                     I stand Tall (for my height), walking more (since my JPS hipjoint replacement surgeries) and getting better (without alcohol or drugs). However, It's good to remember, it's not what we've done, but what we did not do which haunts our latter-years.
In addition, I have returned to my old career as a truckdriver because I'm able again (many thanks to my practitioner, V. Luevano M.D.), and I'm obviously a safer driver than I was before. However, I'm still one of the best. This better enable's myself to encourage and inspire or advertise the Truth - more. In addition, I'm able help others without enabling any dysfunctional behaviors more effectively. 

                     (I was born Cool) in the early sixties in an army hospital near the top of one of America's highest mountains because my dad was in the Air-Force and I lived near there for the first couple of years of my life. After that my dad was stationed in Germany. I also, resided there with my parents for the next four years of my early childhood and then we returned to the States in 1966. I was a hyperactive child and when I was 11 years old and I earned one of the two Newspaper routes of Jacksonville Oregon. Except for the foot of snow in the winter and Sunday mornings, I had much fun delivering the Medford Mail Tribune newspaper on my Western Flyer Schwinn bicycle. I saved enough of my legally and hard earned income to purchase a homemade minibike kit which was advertised in a Superman comic book. After I received the order,  I assembled the kit and Life was good. I also enjoyed earning extra money by assisting the paper-subscribers by mowing some of their lawns and other small-boy jobs. Unfortunately for my first family, my parents divorced a couple of years later because of their differences.  My older brother convinced me and my younger sister (Angel) to go with our mom but he went with our dad. About a year later my sister and I were enticed to live a better-life with a foster family. This foster family is the Winninghams - Karen and Jerry is our foster parents; Kevin, Edie and Evelyn are our foster brother and sisters. I was now a teenager and still hyperactive. I did many of the cattle-ranch chores, and I rode a Suzuki RM-125 like there was no tomorrow. I also did all the repairs and soup-ups on my dirt-bikes and street-transportations. My first vehicle was a 1954 Nash then a 1964 Impala then a 1966 Mustang and finally a 1974 Camaro. When I needed some extra cash, I would help my foster dad, Jerry to log a logging-lease. I'd set chokers, cut logs and dig water-bars. Even though I was to work with Jerry early on May 20 of 1979, I partied too-late with school-mates on the night before. In fact, while driving myself home I fell asleep at the wheel. As a result, I flipped my old mustang end over end for 862' through a field on Jacksonville Hill. I awoke 12-days later in the Rouge Valley Memorial Hospital. I had suffered a head-trauma which impaired my nerves in the lower brain stem. In addition to my 12-day coma, I had impaired reflexes, balance issues and a slurred speech for years. Because I was a foster-child at the time, I was appointed a tutor to help me help myself to earn a GED. Three months after I earned my GED and in August of 1980, against my foster-parent's suggestions I left (all the dishonorable stuff which I had recently implemented while suffering my temporary brain damage) and rode a greyhound-bus to my dad's in Midland Texas. Soon after I arrived in Midland I learned at Monroe systems for business how to write computer programs in Basic. The following year I earned a beginners-position job on a double-stack oil-well drilling-rig, and I had become a "Roughneck". This position is referred to as "worm's corner", a week later the Derrick-man smashed his hand and I volunteered to fill-in for him. Except for a semester in Midland's Community College, I continued to implement the Derrick-hand "Roughneck" position until the oil-boom busted in 1985.  Soon after the oil-boom busted, I was introduced to drugs. I became popular with the dealers and fast women but it wasn't long before I complicated my lifestyle as an outlaw. I'd get locked-up, released with impossible stipulations and like many others I'd return because I couldn't meet all the stipulations of my release. I became sick 'n' tired of being sick 'n' tire of my lifestyle. Many Psychologists who would just tell me that if I quit doing what I was doing THEN I'd quit getting what I was getting. I'd like to shoot every one of them because I learned the Psychology required to change the results. I believe the insights are these: People's lives are a result of his or her own actions; a person's actions are the result of his or her own thinking; a person thinks about his or her own knowledge; and a person's knowledge is created by his or her own influences. Therefore, and understanding that a person who associates with poor influences is more likely to experience a poor life and a person who associates with healthy influences is more likely to experience a healthy life.  The bottom-line is that: my life is up to me, and your life is up to you.

                 Yes, I use to like alcohol from My childhood,  and then when My hips began to pain me I became addicted to pain killer's and experienced many more problems. Thank God for for both my total hip replacement surgeries, relieved of my cravings for alcohol and addiction to painkillers.  My “Will” to make a Good 'n' Significant difference in and of this world keeps me keeping-on. After many years of my (know-it-all-youth) foolishness I can now be a good influence for many. This was about the beginning of my Dream to do well for Life (this world). It appears that a Vision (or Dream) is what keeps a person keeping-on! Regressing and moving forward; I've been forgiven for my poor choices, but I still cannot afford to pay my Trucking Insurance premiums. In addition, when I get pulled-over by the police they still test me for intoxicant's and search my vehicle for anything that may be illegal. So, excuses are like butt-hole's, everyone has one but not everyone uses such for an excuse for not trying to do well. In fact, when I'm down in Life with my life then I work to organize a plan to come-back-up and better than before. I achieve all the needs which I need to achieve to have order in my life. One of my first ambitions is to earnestly repay my debts (eliminating the credit cards and loans). I also reduce the noise in my mind  by implementing Yoga suggestions. One of my psychological push-up for eastern religions is Yoga and being consciously aware of my own Karma. Karma being the best way for me to describe the results of the Law and Philosophy of Life A.K.A; The Golden Rule. Being consciously aware of such and not getting younger, I help Elderly People who need, not want, help. People who want things don't have the Insight(s) therefore cannot Understand and are then a liability (or parasite) to others as  co-dependents.  Another attribute is an academic discipline of always practicing manners and associating with the people and places which can prosper my efforts which can benefit everyone. Anyways: when I use manners, respect the Elderly while helping him or her to attain what is needed for a healthy lifestyle THEN Life, God, the Universal Consciousness (or Mind) supplies me with the people who can help me to help myself.

                   "Show respect, even to people who don't deserve it; not as a reflection of their character, but as a reflection of yours (Dave Willis)". People, who love others, ultimately love him or herself because of the Law and Philosophy of Life, AKA The Golden Rule: (that which goes around eventually comes around). Furthermore, a good Asphalt construction company owner, here in Ft Worth and in early January, offered me my own motel-room if I would drive one of his company dump-trucks when not training one of his inexperienced-drivers. So, I elected to leave Presbyterian Night Shelter. However, this ended March 6, 2017 when I underwent a successful total right-side hip-socket replacement surgery. The surgeon for this and my next which is now scheduled for July 18, 2017 is Russell A. Wagner. His assistant is Brian G. Webb and nurse Stephanie B. My pain management doctor is Munir S. Merchant. My Practioners: Frank R. Lonergan, Victoria C. Luevano and Sonya R. Wilson. My nurse is RN Margo Allen, and my physical-therapist is HealthMasters HomeCare. In addition, and since I reside at the Salvation Army, Dr. Capper has been overseeing my condition. So, these people, the Salvation Army and their staffs are not only highly admired at JPS and the Ft Worth area communities but they are also my favorites. I believe, these doctors, nurses (of JPS Hospital), and the Salvation Army staffs (Doing the Most Good) are good stewards of what's important in Life and deserve more honor and extra tax-credits for helping America to evolve from this to more of its potential (or Great).

                   I believe that an apple-pie is good if the apples are good. In that concept we can profit from making America Great (if ya know what I mean? In addition, eastern and western hemisphere religions like Islam and Christianity for example are similar but conflict, and in my opinion promote hostility and sub-grouping. The central hemisphere religion or Chinese beliefs (Buddhism, Confucianism, or Taoism) promote harmony and peace. They're more tolerant of others and Philosophical. I grew-up in a Christian home and environment. It didn't take me twenty-years to learn who Santa or the Tooth-fairy was and to comprehend the Law and Philosophy of Life (or Golden Rule). Of which, is reiterated at Matthew 7:12. My life within this Life has me fusing with the Chinese Beliefs.

                  I believe that our lives' affect relationships, relationships affect communities, communities affect a state, a state can affect a country and a country can affect the world. People's lives', relationships, a community, a state and a country are each unique and important parts of the world. Like the parts of a human body, each part has a unique and important function for evolving the brainpowers of the body. I believe everyone can learn that each of us has a sliver of Life/God/the Universal Consciousness (or Mind), we are from such and we return to such. Our purpose's here, are to learn and refine talents and traits. The end-result is to evolve Life, God, the Universal Consciousness (or Mind). I think that the question which most people asks him or herself is this, "What can I do to have the force of Life, God, the Universal Consciousness (or Mind) supporting me instead of hindering me" because some spirits' return to another's life, not as reincarnation but as reusable intelligent energies like you and I. Other spirits return to Life in the life of a dog, a cow or a tree etc. The latter spirits will have enough time to observe and desire the Good Orderly Direction (GOD) of Life.

                  I believe that people knowingly or unwittingly create and control his or her own life within Life. We influence others, and sooner or later that which goes around comes around. It has been determined that people have lives within Life "Yea are gods and children of the Most-High God, (Bibles"). I have concluded that when the body (or vehicle) is exhausted for what-ever reason, the bodies which are flesh are then recycled through the earth. At the same time, every soul returns to God, the Universal Consciousness (or Mind) to evolve Life with its contemporary skills of learning and refining of talents ‘n’ traits. I have also concluded that when I help others without enabling any dysfunctional behaviors I ultimately help Life, God, the Universal Consciousness (or Mind), and that entity can either hinder or help myself.  As a result, I'm more inclined to help others without enabling any dysfunctional behaviors. Furthermore, this evolutionary movement not only can evolve an individual's life but shall ultimately evolve Life/God/the Universal Consciousness (or Mind).  

                     I believe that only a few see the treasures of another. Remember being mad at your mom or dad for spanking the daylights out of you for crossing the street without looking for danger first. Well, many of us who value his or her life within Life and respect the lives of others learn to appreciate those growing-pains because of the virtues and benefits. As a truck-driver: I'm usually doing well at supporting my life, affording a fraction of the desired advertising expenses of Encouraging the Truth organization's message and helping others. In fact, I thought I was a hero giving my time, energy and money to others. Especially the Elderly People who were in need not want. In addition, some of the people who knew me would say, that I had the world by the tail. This fueled my eagerness, I was always in a hurry and as a sort to say, I never had time to enjoy the flowers along the way. Unfortunately for all my past immediate gratifications, I must now endure a growing experience which shall result in a beautiful life. I'll slow-down as a truck-driver, avoid people and places and things which entice practicing or condone the practicing of immediate gratifications (or drugs) and enable myself to absorb the Insights of writing an awesome essay. With these Insights, I or anyone can understand how to write an awesome essay. An awesome essay can entice others to seek the Insights which create the understanding of how to become the most of his or her potential.

                    I believe that nobody wants to be the slave of another but some will do just-about anything for an immediate gratification of drugs and alcohol or a cigarette. All humans have a compulsive behavior, it's a fact! So, a Rocky driven type of spirit uses it to his or her advantage. I believe it's not to anyone's advantage to help a socially-unacceptable drug-dealer to buy a new vehicle or home. Most don't pay taxes, which help our Government help us to be the Great America, and most dealers they help the destruction of the people who are without a Dream or Vision. Likewise, it's not to our advantage to enable the tobacco industries to reduce our health by practicing an unhealthy habit. However, it is to our advantage to invest into ourselves by becoming slaves to a good, honorable or righteous Dream (or Vision) of his or her own.   I shared many of my Insights with everyone.  Not for being self-righteous, but to inspire and encourage others that your altitude or the past doesn't control the map to your future. However, a person's attitude and focus does. I'll never forget this Psychology shown in the 1976 Gumball Rally movie where Franco: said, " And now my friend, the first-a rule of Italian driving. [Franco rips off his rear-view mirror and throws it out of the car] and Franco: says, What's-a behind me is not important".

                     In the meantime, I cannot ignore the needs of the many that are around me, here, in this Shelter; the people in the other shelters and the people who are still sleeping outside. As I observed, I would ask myself, "How can anyone civilize the uncivilized without becoming rude."  Well, it's my opinion that for a manifold of reasons too many people have grown- up without experiencing healthy discipline or the practice of manners. Therefore, he or she cannot understand the virtues & benefits of having or utilizing manners, being patient or earning and keeping a job. Let alone, knowing the real definition of honor! I believe that is why most people are homeless or struggling and frustrated with Life. I also think that some of these people want answers, recovery from the results of not being aware and/or a better life with-in Life.  Furthermore, I believe that the wisest & healthiest way for these frustrated people to evolve is the Christian way.  I understand that there are statements and scenarios in Bible which are debatable or just unreasonable, but consider this analogy: The Spring & fall seasons are my favorite because they are moderate and refreshing. The summer temperatures are mostly uncomfortably high and such increases my air-conditioning expenses. The winter temps are also uncomfortable but low and increase my heating expenses. However, some virtues & benefits of summer temps are the watermelons, cantaloupes, pumpkins, berries and many fruits; and some of the virtues & benefits of the winter temps are that it kills-off a host of insects like bed-bugs, and enriches the soil which is good for the new growth. Likewise, there are a manifold of valuable virtues & benefits received and enjoyed from believing and following the instructions of the Bible. So, persevere and (as a matter to say) set your vision for the view from the top of the mountain or a Heavenly future. Remember that our own lives' follow our own thoughts. So, think about being next to a Palm tree, like the one on my business-card, having no worries and relaxing like Jimmy Buffet can. Enjoy this imagination, practice this often and you'll become a better, peaceful and more-relaxed person with a healthy Dream (or Vision). "Think about these things and the God of Peace will be with you, (Philippians 4:8 in the Bibles)”.  As a frustrated person becomes a mature Christian then he or she can and will enjoy the virtues & benefits of helping others.

                   Understanding that Nuclear-bombs eat-away at the earth's only ozone-layer, and no one-body of this world has the right do so for the rest.  We the People of America per Donald Trump and the rest of the world must remain proactive.  Speaking of being proactive, I observed the following organizations and groups of people being proactive for Ft Worth Texas, America and the world: 

Salvation Army,

 1855 E Lancaster Ave; Fort Worth, TX. 


 Community Connections or 

Tarrant County Resource Connection,

On-Line Services;


Compassion of Christ Ministries,

732 W. Kennedale Parkway;  Ft Worth, TX.


Beautiful Feet Church ,

1709 E. Hattie Street; 
Fort Worth, TX.



2000 Crawford Street, Suite 700; Houston, TX.


Tim Lee Ministries ,

1919 S. Shiloh Rd. Ste 430; Garland, TX.


When We Love ,

 1100 E. Lancaster Ave; Ft Worth, TX.


Willow Park Baptist Church,

129 S. Ranch House Rd; Aledo, TX.


Victory Temple Ministries ,

3425 N. Elm St; Fort Worth, TX 


 And others, who like reflecting on his or her future rewards

                  Not only are the above organizations and groups of people giving his or her gratitude to Life/ God/ the Universal Consciousness (or Mind) for his or her enlightenment(s) but him or her is also paying forward for his or her future blessings. To me, now, it is obvious that Life is like a mirror and each person receives or loses (multiplied) what has been invested or embezzled. Many are doing well to feed, clothe and provide hygiene necessities. In addition, Beautiful Feet Ministries has shown a couple different inspirational Christian movies. Furthermore, Victory Temple Ministries came around, picked-up I and others Then brought us to their Church for Thanksgiving-Day feast and celebrations. Oh, what a joy that was, and I believe that all of those were/ are good influences. However, I also believe that providing influences like the Lion-King movie etc. and/ or videos of Recovery from Addiction seminars like the one's which Hollywood Henderson produced. Remember, he was released from the Dallas Cowboys because of his addiction to drugs. However, he went-on to encourage others to abstain from the immediate gratifications of drugs because such would deprive the users or practitioners of becoming the most of his or her potential. Anyways, I believe that the purpose of those, as well as pep-talks from our local-professional Football, Basketball and Baseball players could or would kindle more of the needed motivation and ambitions to entice the less-than-fortunate Street People to learn and use manners. Likewise, such could or would entice the homeless to earn and maintain a job for the purposes of becoming a healthy tax paying person with a Dream (or Vision), and an honorable person of his or her family. Furthermore, I suggest a couple of programs which could or would prepare a struggling person to become a healthy and self-sufficient citizen of a community. First, would be an organized Therapeutic community like the 6-month program offered by Victory Temple Ministries. Second and next-step, would be the 6-month START program offered by the Salvation Army. I believe the result, could or would evolve the Street People of Ft Worth TX and/ or any community to healthy or healthier and productive or more productive tax-paying citizens. The next result, could or would enable EVERYONE else to evolve from this towards more of his or her potential.    

                       I believe it has been determined that my sharing these diverse equations (of the Truth) for evolving lives for Life is a positive, peaceful and productive effort towards helping myself and others to become the most of his or her potential.  Speaking of which, observe the information of this message for Insights, and send an email of you like to  Like- Life, this information is constantly evolving.  EVERYONE who can comprehend will benefit. In fact, the time is coming when people will sit 'n' watch this evolution take over and either having the honor of helping or wishing that he or she had. Our freedom was earned and those who want International Peace can help plant the influences (or seeds) for harmony, without enabling any dysfunctional behaviors in one/two and/or three ways: One can be by implementing good Golden Rule principles. Two can be by sharing, promoting and advertising this message. And/or three, by donating to to assist with the advertising expenses.

                   Encouraging the Truth organization's primary suggestions are to learn and employ an American's Constitutional Rights, the Chinese Beliefs, good Golden Rule principles and Good Accounting because The Golden Rule is the Truth. Yep, if flower-seeds are planted THEN flowers shall come around. If vegetable-seeds are planted THEN vegetables shall come around. If wellness is planted to/for others THEN wellness comes into the planter's life, but if bad is done to or for others THEN the planter shall be sad.

                   If you'd like to Endorse Encouraging the Truth organization's: Expedite Evolving Lives for Life message (and/or) share with your circles of associates THEN (like the JPS Hospital and the Salvation Army is) you can. Helping me to be the Inspirational and Encouraging example can Inspire some of the less-than-fortunate Street People and encourage some of the Frustrated People to act like a Rocky. Yes, and as a well example, my life is improving as I endeavor to help others, and all our lives shall excel as we promote this message. I'm not alone because EVERYONE is rewarded for doing well for Life, God, the Universal Consciousness (or Mind).

                     Psychologists have determined that habits control a person and three practices like meditating or praying three-times a day starts a good habit. The habit of being grateful achieves many virtues/benefits. Good habits come from good practices, and bad results come from poor choices.  So, like my friends Gayla & Jesse Jones did & do, practice Integrity and harmony with thyself and others without enabling any dysfunctional behaviors.  Our freedom was earned and so shall the virtues/benefits of improving lives for Life.  I believe that few people enjoy climbing the mountains, but everyone likes the view from the top.  I would like to advertise with Wal-Mart stores because I think this is what they have done for us. "We save people money so they can live better, (Wal-Mart Corporate)".  With your help, we can make a good difference for the future of mankind.  In addition to my recent and non-permanent physical disability, I thank all of you who agree and can promote and/or pay forward your advertising expenses assistance. For those who have yet been able to help with the advertising abilities and expenses then you may do so by proceeding to the PayPal (SECURED) seal down below, using any bank debit-card or major credit-card and paying forward your financial assistance to for advertising expenses.  In conclusion, each of you can expect to receive assistance with any healthy need from Life, God, the Universal consciousness (or Mind) that you may have.

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